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Your Free pickup & Delivery Laundry Service in OC

Skip the guesswork with our upfront pricing! Know exactly what you're paying at the time you schedule your laundry pickup. 

We offer same day and next day turnarounds for your fresh, clean, perfectly folded laundry. Did we mention we deliver right to your doorstep?!  

If you're tired of staring at that pile of laundry, then put it in bags or your hamper and leave it outside your door. Scheduling a laundry pickup is one button away!

Clean Laundry at your Doorstep

Simply put your bedding, sheets, towels and everyday laundry in bags to leave at your doorstep. We swoop in to turn laundry day into fun day! 

Your Laundry Made Simple.


Sign Up & Schedule

First, be sure to sign up so you never miss out on our loyalty program! You can earn 1 point for every $1 you spend; then turn points into money off your future orders! Once you've signed up, decide which service fits your laundry needs and choose the best time that works for you.



In order to make pickup as smooth as possible, we ask that you put all of your laundry in bags (13 gal) and leave them at your door in a visible location for our driver. We guarantee text/email updates with estimated arrival times so you can have you laundry ready for us.



We love this part! All because you get all of your fresh, clean laundry back, folded into perfect stacks that are ready to put away! We always send text/email updates with estimated arrival times so you can be ready (and excited) for your laundry.

We offer "PLUS"

This service is ideal for orders with:

  • towels

  • workout/sports gear

  • work clothes

  • whites that need a pick-me-up! 

What we include in each load of laundry: 

  • Fabric softener for a softer clean

  • Bleach for whites if needed 

  • Oxi Clean for tough stains

  • Lysol Laundry Sanitizer for stubborn odors

Carolyn A.

"Amazing service and quick turnaround...dependable laundry service...beautiful you free time to spend with your family instead of the laundry room."

Terri B.

"Service was amazing! Fast and everything they promised! I would recommend to everyone! Very dependable and friendly!"

Mo R.

"So happy to have found them! They do an amazing job. Highly recommended."

We'll Get back to you soon!

Placentia, CA


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