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White Cotton Fabric
Additional Service- Ironing
Per Bed Linen- $3.50
Per Tablecloth- $3.50
Per Cloth Napkin- $1
Per Article of Clothing- $2

*An invoice will be sent at the end of each order for this service*

Commercial Laundry

FREE Pickup & Next-Day Delivery


Flat Rate Laundry

Flat rate laundry services offer restaurants and cafes a fixed price for their laundry needs, regardless of the quantity or weight of the items. This means you won't have to worry about fluctuating costs based on the number of linens or uniforms you need to clean. With flat rate services, you can easily budget for your laundry expenses each month, helping you maintain control over your operational costs. These services are convenient, cost-effective, and can save you time and effort in managing your restaurant or cafe's laundry needs.

Importance of Laundry Services for Restaurants and Cafes

Laundry services in restaurants and cafes play a crucial role in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene standards. They help ensure that table linens, uniforms, and kitchen towels are consistently clean and presentable for customers. Regular laundry services also help restaurants and cafes save time and resources by outsourcing this task to professionals who can handle large volumes of laundry efficiently. Clean linens and uniforms not only enhance the overall dining experience but also contribute to the establishment's reputation for cleanliness and professionalism.

Flat rate laundry services for restaurants and cafes offer cost-efficiency and transparency. With a flat rate, you know exactly how much you will pay each month for your laundry needs, which helps in budget planning. It eliminates any surprises or hidden fees. This transparency allows businesses to accurately forecast expenses and maintain control over their budget.

Consistency in laundry care is crucial for restaurants and cafes to maintain a professional image. Flat rate laundry services provide quality cleaning for linens, uniforms, and other items on a regular basis. With this service, establishments can ensure that all their laundry is handled with care and attention to detail each time, helping to uphold high standards for cleanliness and presentation.

You're catering, we're laundering!


We proudly service Lascari's catering business every week! Book your company with us today!

Check out: 

 Lascari's Deli 

Lascari's Cucina 

19seventy Lascari's Italian!

Airbnb Laundry

When hosting an Airbnb, we know it can be stressful trying to tidy up after renters had a fun vacation! Make it simple and focus on getting your Airbnb back in order by booking with our service! Pack up those linens, towels, pillows and more and set them outside for us to pick up while you take care of what needs to be done!

Hotel/Motel Laundry

Even modestly sized hotels/motels can produce loads and loads of laundry, with linens, towels, robes, pillows and more. When booking with us, get your hotel linens sanitized and ready to use for guests in a timely manner. As a hotel/motel, there's much to do! Let us lighten the load for you! 

Spas, Salons, and Barbers

Running a business that involves making your customer relaxed and happy with their results can be stressful and takes dedication. Spend all your time focusing on your clients while we take care of your towels, capes, linens, cleaning cloths and more! Simply bag all of your laundry and we come right to you to pick up while you can continue your day making your clients happy, never having to leave or focus on anything but them! 

Restaurants and Events

Hosting guests for your restaurant or events can be a lot of pressure and takes time planning in order for everything to turn out perfectly. Book with our Commercial Laundry Service so you can stay focused on your guests! Pack up your tablecloths, napkins, chef coats, cleaning/sanitizing cloths and more while you plan your events or your special day without the added stress of clean laundry! 



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How it Works

Visit our page to read a step by step guide on how it all works! Now you can understand what happens behind the scenes! 

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