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Everything you need to know about your account

Starting with your personal profile

When signing up and creating an account, you will be entering information like your name, your pickup and delivery address, phone number or best contact information and laundry detergent preference(s).

This feature allows us to store your information to only be used for the purpose of making your booking process as simple as possible for each time you are scheduling a pickup. It also helps us visit your profile upon washing your order, drying your order and choosing your favored products; this way your laundry always comes back smelling and feeling just the way you like it! 

The best part, you have access to your rewards points and details like how many points you need to cash them in! This also explains our loyalty tiers and how you can start to earn double and quadruple the points you get per $1 you spend!


Your information

Your Order History

When logging into your account, you can see all of your information needed to make scheduling a pickup as smooth as possible. One of these features is being able to look at all of your orders you have booked with us. 

Your Wallet

Another important tool your account has is being able to keep your preferred payment method(s) ready for your next pickup so you can book within minutes! No more looking for your wallet every time the laundry needs to be done. 

Managing Booking

and Memberships

This feature is important. We're happy to offer a way for you to see your upcoming pickups and monthly memberships. If something comes up and you won't be able to put your laundry out for pickup, you can choose a better time or day right from your account. 

You can also see your upcoming membership and when it renews in case you want to upgrade or cancel your plan with us. 

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